Welcome to Safe Way Driving School

We offers up-to-date class 5 training to ages 16 and up

Welcome To Safe Way Driving School

Safe Way Driving School is a family owned operated business in the Winnipeg Region. We are the best and most respected school in the Winnipeg providing quality Driver Education and Behind-The-Wheel Training Programs. We pride ourselves on our high standards, professionalism, patience and understanding.


We have long term instructors with experience in the fields of Education, and Business. Our instructors attend continuing education courses to stay current with changes in the industry. In both our Classroom and Behind-The-Wheel Training, we stress the serious responsibility of driving and the need to drive safer and smarter.



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Driving School In Winnipeg

Defensive Driving lessons

  • Hazard perception
  • Aim high in steering
  • Escape route
  • Get the big picture
  • Make sure they see you Keep your eyes moving


Advantages of Safe Way Driving School

  • City wide service
  • 1-on-1 in car with pick up
  • Experienced, licensed instructor
  • Reliable, friendly service
  • Vehicle equipped with dual brake.
  • Government Safety certified vehicle.
  • Vehicle with winter tires( winter only).
  • Non smoking and air conditioning vehicle
  • Winter driving and skid control lessons(winter only).
  • Night driving lessons
  • Vehicle available for road tests.


Advanced driving courses teach you important skills for driving
Advanced driving courses are designed to help you identify and avoid or handle potential hazards you may encounter while driving.
They teach skills that can help reduce the likelihood of you being involved in a crash, such as eye scanning while driving, hazard detection and risk management.

  • Controlled Intersections
  • Establishing at intersections
  • Traffic Awareness
  • Boulevard turns
  • One way streets
  • Highway Driving
  • Entering and Exiting a highway
  • Observation
  • Commentary driving
  • Fool proof Parallel Parking
  • Stall Parking
  • Backing
  • Three and two point turns
  • Brush up lessons




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